The Whitby Krampus Run is an annual event held in Whitby, England, that brings together a unique blend of folklore, creativity, and festive spirit. Inspired by the traditional Krampus parades in Europe, the Whitby Krampus Run features participants dressed as Krampus, a mythical creature known in Alpine folklore as the companion of St. Nicholas.

During the event, the streets of Whitby come alive with a spectacular procession of terrifying yet captivating Krampus costumes. Participants don intricately designed masks, wild costumes, and impressive horns, creating a chilling and mesmerizing atmosphere. The Whitby Krampus Run celebrates the darker side of the holiday season, embracing the folklore and mythology that surround the Krampus figure.

Spectators and participants alike can expect to be immersed in an otherworldly experience as they witness the sight of Krampus figures marching through the town. The event often includes performances, music, and interactive elements, allowing attendees to engage with the Krampus lore first-hand.