About Galdorcræft

Our music  has a fusion of ancient and contemporary instruments, our inspiration is gained from history, nature, and the world of the Gods.

Galdorcræft weaves music into magick, the act of expressing imagination, intent becomes a part of the ritual weaved through rhythm, melodies and vocals.



Galdorcræft are a Dark Neo Folk band from Staffordshire UK formed in 2020 by Kliff Moon and Marie Moon along with Matthew Wudotun , their first release was Othala (2022) and quickly gained praise for the blend of Old Englisc and modern English language in their songs.

they make significant use of ancient traditional instruments including Anglo Saxon lyres, Kravik lyres, Bowed lyres, Moraharpa, Jaw harps, Horns, Skin drums. Bones, Logs, and Antlers.

Their songs are often inspired by the Anglo Saxon period and contain references to the Gods that were worshipped by the Pagan Saxon people's