Draugr: The Nine

Sigurd Odinsson has created another book inspired by our music - Draugr: The Nine

The ground was frostbitten with winter's kiss, the dirt path through the woods rutted, spiked and as hard as the cobbled streets of the city so…

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Galdorcræft inspired book published

Sigurd Odinsson has released a book inspired by Galdorcræft's Garden of bones.

The land of the Cornovii, Roman Britain.

Centurion Felix Marianus is tasked with investigating the disappearance of a Contubernium, a squad of eight men led by a decanus.…

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Interview with Staffordshire Folklore

We were delighted to be in the company of Staffordshire Folklore for an interview relating to the band, Staffordshire Folklore and Anglo-Saxon history.

2 New tracks will be played as well as an opportunity to know the band members more…

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The Nine album released.

The Nine will be released on the majority of all music albums on the 31st of August, if it's not on your preferred platform of choice, give us a shout, and we will see if we can remedy the problem.

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